Field Notes

RSVLTS x Home Alone 2 Collection Launch - Lookbook

Ahhhh, yes…nothing like New York City during the holidays. You’ve got double the lights, double the traffic, double the energy and always double the action, especially when once again you find yourself left behind by the family and having to foil yet another dastardly caper by some dimwitted robbers.

And Tim Curry. Oh, AND most importantly, this wonderful orinthology advocate! 

Some would go as far as to say Home Alone 2 is the best of the two films in the franchise, perhaps of all the classic holiday films, but that’s neither here nor there, as Mr. Hector would likely say. 

Critical debate aside, what actually is here today is this three-shirt collection, which - just like a flock of pigeons flying straight’atcha from Central Park - features two Kunus “Operation Ho Ho Ho” and “Kevin’s Revenge” (both short-sleeve & long-sleeve options available), as well as a t-shirt immortalizing the one, the only, the incomparable, Mr. “Buzz Woof McCallister” in all his smize-glory.  

Lastly, here’s another key element we must note: last call if you’ve ever wanted to own and rock some RSVLTS x Home Alone items, because starting in 2022 we're not producing any additional Home Alone products. Maybe not forever, but nonetheless, from "Little Nero’s" to "Wet Bandits" to "Fuller, Go Easy", now is the time to add any/all items to your closets while they're still available.  

Woof, yet woot at the same time - It’s been an incredible journey launching these collections over the years, however it’s time to start new chapters with some other fantastic Disney/Fox franchises as well. 

Lookbook below!