Field Notes

RSVLTS x Jaws Debut Collection - Lookbook

We’re all most definitely going to need a bigger closet as we drop the first RSVLTS x Jaws apparel collaboration, and at the perfect time a few weeks before the kickoff of summer/beach season. 

Regardless if you’re a casual boater, beach cruiser or deep sea explorer, this four shirt collection includes a little something for any fans of the classic film, as well as hybrid shorts/swimwear for two of the designs (and perhaps a special, ah-hem, Park-only set that will breach the surface very soon).

Rounding out the debut will be a Dare Mighty Tees drop on Sunday, which also features some unique t-shirt styles and graphics related to the franchise. 

PSA: remember to stay cool, safe and keep your eyes peeled while at the beach or boating this summer, folks! While you never know what’s lurking below in the depths at sea, you'll at least always look ferocious AF on land with this gear.