Field Notes

RSVLTS x Jurassic Park 30th Anniversary Collection Pt II

For this very special occasion, not only did we once again spare no expense, but we couldn’t help ourselves by dropping not only one, but two anniversary collections.  So buckle your seatbelt once again, because it's a 30th Anniversary edition of the latest and greatest Jurassic Park x RSVLTS Collection, Part II!

The four shirt KUNUFLEX™ and one reversible bomber collection - “You Bred Raptors?”, “Must Go Faster”, “Patented and Packaged”, “The Malcolm” and “Jurassic Rides” (jacket coming soon, FYI) - features vibrant colors and designs, all available in classic (unisex), and select women's & youth styles/sizes...and all feature the 30th Anniversary patch! 

Oh yeah, those sunglasses as shown alongside “The Malcolm” shirt? Yeah, a pair of those come with the purchase of “The Malcolm” too, which let’s just call it what it is…it’s one sexy-as-all-hell long-sleeve KUNUFLEX™ button down, in gorgeous homage of its namesake.

Click the below links to snag a glimpse of the full collection by way of some of our editorial friends. Go ahead, have a roaring good time!