Field Notes

RSVLTS x Jurassic Park Collection Launch - Lookbook

It is most indeed Dinosaur Day at RSVLTS HQ, which marks one of our most highly anticipated drops we’ve been planning for quite some time at this point. Leading up to today, exclamations of sheer excitement would ensue both internally among our crew during brainstorming sessions, as well as by pretty much anyone in general upon learning this collection was forthcoming. 

Regardless of age, culture, time, place, space - you name it! - there’s something fascinating and intriguing about that Jurassic era and especially regarding each and every dinosaur themselves.

I remember reading Michael Crichton's iconic Jurassic Park novel back in 1990 in my childhood bedroom, sitting on the edge of my bed in suspense as I paged through each chapter...enthralled then by the mystical world he created (mind still blown by the the mosquito stuck in amber/DNA extraction process), never imagining it would turn into the empire it has become. 

As for the eponymous 1993 film that blossomed a full-blown franchise - aside from say James Bond, Marvel, DC, Star Wars (and I guessss some little British wizard guy) overarching mega-universes - it’s hard to think of a fanbase as deep and as far reaching as what Jurassic Park has masterfully created. 

So for this first RSVLTS x JP collection, let’s take a second to appreciate all the greatness within the original film that inspired the many designs and imagery included: T-Rex’s galore (duh), iconic park locations and moments, retro color schemes within the gift shop merch, clever velociraptors hidden in jungle fauna, the infamous Dinosaurs Rule the Earth falling banner, venom-spitting Dilophosaurus & good ol' Nedry - and more!

While not captured on a shirt, I'd be remiss not to give a little shoutout to my all-time favorite moment, which of course, comes by way of Dr. Ian Malcom’s mighty idiosyncratic cackle on the helicopter (we are mere mortals to this 10hr loop):

So while more great movies continue to be produced, another great example of how deep the love is for the franchise can be found by way of some incredible, dedicated social media channels. Two in particular are @JurassicYourWorld and @TheMoviePosterGuy, both that we’re proud to say we’ve linked up with to collaborate a little for this launch. 

Check out more awesomeness on the above channels, but here's a glimpse at what Neemz, aka The Movie Poster Guy, created using one of our assets, with perhaps even some more surprises down the road. 

Okay, okay, okay...we’re getting lost in the jungle here with all the love and suspense. We hope you enjoy this first collection.

Alas, the lookbook: