Field Notes

RSVLTS x Chef Justin Warner Collection - Background & Preview

Every once in a while, as a company, you come across a relationship that’s truly synergistic. That was the case with celebrity chef, culinary wizard, and overall badass, Justin Warner.

We at RSVLTS HQ have always been big fans of Justin’s renegade style (and delicious-looking food, of course), so we were super stoked to learn that he’s a big fan of ours as well. Justin found our gear organically and has been rocking it in both his personal life and even on the Food Network. Heck, just do a quick web image search for Justin and you’ll see he’s wearing an OG Coconut Grove in one of his main publicity photos!

Naturally, his people and our people got ahold of each other, and, as expected, the stars fully aligned when it came to bringing this unique collection to life!


While his resume is already extremely impressive, in many ways Justin is just getting started considering he joined the food world a little over a decade ago, with no formal culinary training.

Now a staple participant on many Food Network shows - notably “Guy’s Grocery Games,” among others - Justin is a Food Network Star champ, author/host of Marvel's "Eat the Universe" cookbook/series (including a collab cooking demo video w/ Kevin Smith!), the self (and rightfully) titled "Broth Boi", and, of course, owner and executive chef of Bokujo Ramen.  

Justin was nice enough to host RSVLTS for a recent photoshoot at his famous Bokujo Ramen shop in Rapid City, South Dakota, where we had the pleasure of meeting and mingling with his merry kitchen crew as they worked their culinary magic while donning pieces from the Chef Justin Warner Collection. 

Editor’s note: if you make plans to visit, definitely inquire in advance about renting the private karaoke space too!

Now let’s get to this sweet collection!

We worked closely with Justin to come up with designs that mirrored his pioneering personality and bold cooking style. The result was three killer KUNUFLEX™ button downs, a raging roper (which spoke to Justin’s love of all things western), and a fully-loaded apron.

The “Cowju” design you’ll see on one of the KUNUFLEX™ button downs, as well as on the roper and apron, features the beloved mascot of Justin’s Bokujo restaurant doing his own barbequing for a change.

“Karaoke Cowboy” and “Space Cowboy” incorporate Justin’s East meets West culinary style, his unique personality, and elements featured on the walls and in the halls of Bokujo.

Lastly, we just had to make the best grilling apron in the game. This baby comes fully equipped with a retractable bottle opener, insulated drink pouch, adjustable neck strap, and a loop for your towel or tongs. Needless to say, Justin and crew were over the moon. 

This collaboration was a dream come true - organic, fully immersive, and produced one heck of a line, if we do say so ourselves. If you don’t know Justin, you need to change that, immediately. He’s truly an original and is changing the culinary game on a daily basis.

Also, word on the street is he’s is going to make some appearances at SDCC in the coming weeks, so give him a follow on IG to hear more about his whereabouts. And you might want to stay on the lookout for even more RSVLTS adventures with the chef down the road. Just saying. 

See below for a few behind the scenes shots from our photoshoot with Justin. The full sneak peek of the Chef Justin Warner Collection can be found by clicking any of the below images to his @eatfellowhumans IG handle: