Field Notes

RSVLTS x Napoleon Dynamite Collection - Lookbook

We’re excited to introduce this collection for one of the most indelible, generational movies of all-time, which love it or hate it, is also one of most quotable movies of all-time.

Reflecting back to 2004, I’ll never forget the first time my roommate and I saw the movie, and through tears welling in my eyes, I watched him literally fall off the couch uncontrollably laughing himself into oblivion. 

Upon a recent rewatch, because it had been a minute, the movie perfectly captured the uncomfortable nature of both the time and place for many that grew up somewhere in the middle of the country. To the opposite effect even, it likely could have been one of the first times those on the coasts or in big cities might encountered such an odd and distant setting, proving that sometimes reality - even if in our own backyard or quite literally was our own backyards - can be a mystical world. 

Including the hilarious acting to capture the essence of it all, these reasons together speak to the overall beauty of the film that intentionally leaned into all its awkwardness and that is, and always will be, a wonderful time capsule in all shapes and forms. 

See below for a brief preview of this collection, the designs a reflection that celebrates many of the marquee moments of the film, many which themselves are as bold and rich as Deb’s side pony, Uncle Rico’s arm strength and/or a swift roundhouse to the face by way of good ol’ Rex.