Field Notes

RSVLTS x Nickelodeon CatDog & Fairly OddParents - Lookbook

We’ve been cracking open the Nick Vault for quite some time now, and while we always get tons of great suggestions thrown our way for future drops, from the very beginning these two collections have been at the top of our lists. 

So hence and therefore, that time is here - WE SHALL NOW DELIVER THY GOODS! 

In terms of CatDog, well...the series and the gear speaks for itself, a show that was (and still is) absolutely, hilariously, so far ahead of its time. 

As for Fairly OddParents, while we could dish out all the background details, we learned that RSVLTS Insider - Phillip Reilly - was a superfan of the series, so instead we asked him if he’d like to provide a breakdown on the show/collection from his perspective AND see if he’d also like do a little photoshoot to introduce the gear as well. 

So without further adieu...Fairly OddParents over to you, Phillip!

Did magic occur or did RSVLTS drop some amazing Fairly OddParents designs? I think both! Nothing says nostalgia like Nickelodeon television. Whether you grew up with Fairly OddParents like me or were a parent passively watching children’s TV, catching those sly jokes intended for adults, it still lives inside all of us. From the theme song “Icky Vicki” or the classic bop “My Shiny Teeth and Me” by the famous Chip Skylark, the music still slaps to this day. That is staying power. 

Likewise, Fairly OddParents still holds true today and has made an impact on our millennial generation. Over the years during Halloween, I’ve seen a few Cosmo & Wanda couples costumes, as well as a Chip Skylark once or twice. I can even remember watching the episode where Cosmo gets a nickel and names it Phillip. The joke was that Phillip was a girl nickel, so my friends in school would call me "girl nickel because my name was in fact, and still is, Phillip.  

As I get older I relate more and more with the adults of the show. There is something so funny about a grown man like Mr. Crocker being so invested in finding out that fairies exist, almost like all those people who were going to storm Area 51 to prove that aliens are real as well. And since the government didn’t deny the existence of aliens, perhaps Fairy Godparents actually exist too. 

All said, nothing brings me more joy about the show than Mr. Turner. I love having an arch-nemesis in life where you take no responsibility for your actions, and in this instance, his is Mr. Dinkleberg. I also recently just got the joke on his name, Mr. DINKleberg...because he is a DINK (Double Income No Kids). Since the Turners had Timmy, Mr. Turner is seeing what his life could have been and hates that everyone around him is more successful. Although I still would dream to be Timmy and have two fairies grant my every wish. But c’est la vie, I can’t win them all. 

Overall, getting to be a part of the campaign and model for RSVLTS was an absolute blast! Not only did I get a behind the scenes look at everything but I also had the opportunity to see other designs that were on the rack that would be coming out soon (i’ve sworn to secrecy!). I mean, if only modeling could be my full time job. I wanted to give the shirts justice so I worked with the amazing team to bring out fun emotions that emote from the shirts. With the props they provided, as well as having the opportunity to take some photos with how I style these shirts, it all really made it a memorable experience!