Field Notes

RSVLTS x Nightmare on Elm Street/Friday The 13th - Slasher Collection Lookbook

In keeping the thrillercoaster on its tracks, we present theeeee with this incredible slasher collection that embodies two of the greatest creepers to ever grace the horror universe. 

So while we went back and forth here at HQ in terms of design options, how many to create/release and such - and even if we should launch them separately or not - we ultimately settled on doing one shirt per franchise at this time AND to drop them together since they are so separately, yet individually, intertwined within pop culture. 

Likewise, the simultaneous launch should automatically usher in some healthy, age-old debates - who would win in a battle and/or are you Team Freddy or Team Jason?! And you can’t say Haddonfield, Illinois' finest export either, that’s not the game. So choose wisely, because your decision could quite literally haunt you for years. 

In taking a look at the RSVLTS shirt designs for “Sweet Dreams” and “Welcome to Crystal Lake,” just like the characters themselves, it goes without saying we wanted to give a subtle nod to each being and their iconic accoutrements. 

And no need to expand further, but yes...YES, that most certainly is a long-sleeved Kunu modeled after the most famous cinematic sweater of all-time. 

So where do we stand in the versus debate at HQ? You’ll just have to stay tuned for that answer.

In the meantime, DON’T SLEEP on either of these badboys...or they’ll getcha.