Field Notes

RSVLTS x Pixar’s Monsters, Inc. - Lookbook

Monsters here, Monsters there, Monsters EVERYWHERE!

The Spooky Season thrillercoaster powers forward, and while this launch isn't necessarily “scary” so to speak, these wacky Monsters, (Incorporated!), have already carved their own special places in all our spooktacular hearts. 

This collection features two distinct RSVLTS Kunuflex offerings for standard adult and toddler - no other presale options possible for this drop. We're making strides on this front, stay tuned for more updates. 

More below on each item: 

“The Scare Floor” is a colorful monster of a shirt and is a tribute to the many monsters of Monstropolis, which features a mashup of your favorite characters, such as Mike, Sulley, Boo, Roz and Celia, to you know, your less-than-favorites like...well, basically, just Randall. 

“Doors” is more than just a gateway to the Human’s an opening to a realm of new friends (looking at you, Boo) and foes (ah-hem, Randall) and shows some familiar faces poking through the many doors on the Scare Floor itself, including one special Pixar easter egg - the famous A113 door. 

Lookbook below!