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RSVLTS x "Star Wars" Boba Fett Series I Collection - Lookbook

If there’s ever one universe, one franchise, one individual from any movie lore that RSVLTS could build a collection around, for this author in particular, it’s simply the man, the mythical legend, the most fearless Bounty Hunter of them all: Mr. Boba Fett.

I’m not going to comment on the “Book of Boba Fett” series at this moment (though I’m very much a fan; more on that soon perhaps), because this launch is bigger than just the show. This collection is ultimately a celebration of the legend across the board and over the years, where his narrative essentially starts in late 1978 within the Star Wars “Holiday Special” animated show…and therefore RSVLTS “Boba’s Debut” Kunuflex should have both superfans and vintage toy collectors up in arms (like a Tusken Raider victory celebration, of course).

Speaking of Boba’s actual IRL debut, which is an incredible fun fact related to his origins, his first appearance took place also in 1978, months before the “Holiday Special” and obviously years before Boba’s first appearance in “The Empire Strikes Back.” Basically, George Lucas agreed to have Darth Vader join a local parade in his hometown that year, but strategically also had Boba walk alongside his flank just as everyone would later see within the film (both characters were also in their original film wardrobe). 🤯

So while Lucas obviously knew what he was doing here by teasing a character he believed would build some sure-fire intrigue based on his role in the upcoming film, as a marketing and PR nerd, I don’t think he REALLY knew the impact of what he was creating in terms of a long-play buzz campaign, especially during an era when the movie wouldn’t hit screens until years later. #GENIUS. Second place OG teaser/easter egg award goes to the Yoda costume inclusion within E.T. (1982) during the trick-or-treat sequence; Spielberg & Lucas were boys. 

Anyhow, back to this iconic RSVLTS launch, this multi-shirt collection, which features four Kunus - “Boba’s Debut,” “Badge of Honor,” “Out With The Garbage” and “Rebirth” - each that provide some timeless visual stimulation for any/all aesthetics, the latter button-down becoming a bridge between old and new narratives, fused together by Boba's resurgence within "The Mandalorian" this past season.

Oh, and a few other little items might just be dropping over the next week or so…ah-hem, t-shirts and a flannel. 

Additionally, though not fully related to Boba*, also available with today’s drop is a bonus Star Wars app and wholesale exclusive - “The Duel” - is an incredible Kunuflex in celebration of this past year’s “Visions” programming on Disney+. 

*though not appearing on RSVLTS “The Duel” shirt, which is modeled after the pilot episode (a very cool, visually arresting piece of animation work), episode 2 “Tatooine Rhapsody” predominantly features Boba and was beyond phenomenal, definitely a must watch for all Star Wars fans alike. 

Lookbook below for all, featuring once again the legend Mr. Tony Cooley - enjoy!

(Star Wars "Visions" - RSVLTS "The Duel" - app & wholesale exclusive)