Field Notes

St. André Golf x Breakfast Balls Collection Debut

Most golf courses require shirts to play. Emphasis on the word *most* of course, so if you happen to find yourself in that situation one day, naturally you’ll want to look cool as hell in a fresh new St. André Golf x Breakfast Balls polo!

The collaboration was first announced a few months back within Field Notes, and since then the team’s have been puttin’ in the work to bring forth a fabulous collection of polos perfect for any occasion on or off the course, designs so great they’re pretty much good to wear anywhere. Anywear? Absolutely, that too. 

So available now in three absolutely ravaging and regal All-Day polos, the inaugural St. André Golf x Breakfast Balls selection - “Reality Check”, “Signature Checkered” and “Black Bolt” - features a hint of everything from St. André’s signature, storied palette: subtle accents and strokes (diacritical or otherwise), classic and reimagined checkered prints, and a big, bold offering most definitely designed to give you a jolt, all blended together into one collection like an finely, velvety aged scotch. 

They’re soft, they’re sexy, they’re stretchy, they’re pure St. André… and now they can be yours too. The St. André Golf All-Day Polos of course, the gang’s busy today. 

See below for a few behind the scenes photos from the collection photoshoot, and follow along all of St. André Golf’s hilarious antics and adventures via Instagram and YouTube