Field Notes

Step Into Godzilla x RSVLTS Collection Debut

You'll be running as fast as you can toward the first-ever Godzilla x RSVLTS Collection, which features classic monstrous mashups, a fiery-hot movie poster collage, and an epic comic cover from the deep across five bespoke designs.  

The five shirt KUNUFLEX™ collection - “King of the Monsters”, “Silver Screen Scorcher”, “From the Depths”, “Monsters Unleashed” and “Kaiju Chaos” - are all available in classic (unisex) style/sizes, with the latter two also available in women's styles/sizes. 

So before you run for cover, here’s a brief reminder to mark your calendars for the upcoming “Godzilla Minus One” film that will premiere in the US on December 1. You can read more Godzilla news (including a RSVLTS collection article!) at the official Godzilla website:  

Now go ahead, do the victory dance, you and the big guy deserve it!