Field Notes

The Jetsons x Breakfast Balls All-Day Golf Polo Launch

Yes, we know…it’s a very random day to drop a one-off product that is NOT a Dropzone item, but with golf season essentially in full swing with this weekend’s events (let’s be honest, WMO is the launchpad), we simply couldn’t wait to launch this Breakfast Balls heat at any other point.

As we were brainstorming ideas for some new All-Day polo designs, all chatter kept going back to one iconic “The Jetsons” episode - “Astro’s Big Moment” - that stood out in the same manner as another famous “The Flintstones” golf program, which was captured in similar fashion in “The Loyal Order of Dinosaurs’ Tourney.”

It was destiny to create a “The Jetsons” polo in its honor: of course Astro being the family dog named within the episode, which also centers around the Orbit City Golf Club and a little golf battle between George Jetson and his dastardly boss, Mr. Spacely. Both characters, including the iconic floating space-greens, are captured throughout the “Orbit City Golf Club” Breakfast Balls All-Day polo. 

See below for a preview vid of this absolute legend-in-the-making polo, which you can also find as part of a ton other Breakfast Balls items, as well as here’s some more background information regarding the “Astro’s Big Moment” episode.