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The Rough Riders Registry: Dive Into The Rich, Historical Back Catalog of RSVLTS

The Rough Riders Registry

Go forth! Dare Great Things! Wear Even Greater Things! And Record All The Greatest Things!

Welp, he's done it...RSVLTS Insider, Ken Pringle, has pulled off an amazing feat. He recently built The Rough Rider Registry, a collection database tool created by and for RSVLTS fans where you can dive into the rich back catalog of RSVLTS, as well as maintain your own personal collection and wishlist of items from the world's coolest lifestyle company!

I've been clicking around and its amazing to see some of the early designs that I thought were lost to time. This shirt is probably the first one we every produced and there it is in all its glory...mind-blowing!

Ken explained his creation saying, "This company and this group has meant a lot to me during this pandemic; it's given me something to focus on while so much in my life has been on hold. And, my entire career has been built around a simple belief: "If you see a job that needs doing, do it; if you see an opportunity to help, you help." With that in mind, I'm happy to finally unveil what I've been working on... After spending some money to hire a programmer - and spending LOTS of hours doing a lo-o-o-ot of research! - I am thrilled to present the Rough Riders Registry, a collection database tool for RSVLTS Insiders!"

Almost 200 Insiders are now tracking their RSVLTS collections on the Rough Riders Registry so head on over, and be sure to let us - and Ken! - know if you have any other lost treasures to contribute!