Field Notes

The Sandlot Legends Never Die | Lookbook

A few weeks back we went to Savannah with the whole Jomboy team for a Savannah Bananas baseball game. The game itself was one of the most unique baseball moments we've all ever experienced, but so was the feeling of walking into such a legendary stadium pre-game to snag a little future-launch content.

It's hard to put in words the feeling while standing on the field of Historic Grayson Stadium, which happens to be the second oldest baseball stadium in America. It truly was a blast from the past. Babe Ruth, Jackie Robinson and so many other legends took the field there before, and we channeled that amazing energy for this our Legends Never Die photoshoot featuring Ben, Mike, Kenny and Pete.

The Sandlot is where it all started for RSVLTS, and we're getting back to our roots with this collection. 

A few things to note:

•   We have three new additions to our partnership with Allen Mudgett, who is the brains behind the iconic 80/90's Salem Sportswear t-shirts.

•   One of the KUNUFLEX designs will also be added to our Shop Local campaign this weekend, so check your local retailers for that release.

•   Additionally, the two hats are coming soon and will be dropping in May just in time for BBQ season.

And lastly, we've also got something very cool planned with our friends from @Victus bats so keep an eye on their and RSVLTS Instagram for more details. 

So without further ado...onto the lookbook!

Please Catch It!

Wearer of long-brimmed fishing hats, one-time helper of a guy with a paper route, future Dodgers announcer: Scotty Smalls.

Yeah-Yeah's Airborne Attack – Crewneck Tee

Repeater of phrases, pioneering developer of bungee jumping, smooth as silk shortstop: Alan "Yeah-Yeah" McClennan

The Best of Ol’ Hercules

Hoarder of delicious baseballs, eater of one kid already, legendary junkyard protector: Hercules "The Beast" Mertle. 

"1962 Founders Day Parade"

You don't have to do this.
Yeah I do, Smalls. I have to do this.

Talk about courage. Talk about speed. Talk about sliding ability! With the Babe's words ringing in his ears, "The Jet" pickled the Beast in an epic chase that took them all over town—from the pool to the movie theatre to the Founders Day party and back to the Sandlot. 

Throw on this KUNUFLEX™ button down, cue "Wipeout" by the Safaris, and let Benny and the Beast turn you from hero to legend.

"That Makes A Whole Team"

With nine guys we got a whole team, Yeah-Yeah. Practice is how you make it to the pros. For Benny, that means making a whole team so he can rotate eight positions instead of seven. Winners want the ball. This epic KUNUFLEX™ button down shows the collective Sandlot squad in all their 90s caricature-style glory, doing what they do best: playing ball and evading a gigantic Beast.

"Get The Ball Back"

Catapults, exploding tree houses, airborne attacks, even primitive sticks... when a Babe Ruth signed baseball is in the clenches of a giant gorilla-dog-thing that ate one kid already, you have to explore every avenue to secure its safe return. And that's just what the boys of the Sandlot did.

The Scottsville Catch and Mertle Beasts

These two hats will be dropping in May so keep those 👀  peeled!