Field Notes

Visiting the Original Sandlot: Offline Events for Online Companies

One thing has become abundantly clear to me over the past year. Since it's release 25 years ago, The Sandlot has evolved into a full-blown timeless classic. It’s not the type of movie that has its core fan base tied to one generation. Kids, teenagers, adults (and young adults who still want to be kids)…it doesn’t matter, this movie resonates with everyone.

This was on full display last Saturday, August 11 when RSVLTS helped take over a random field in a Salt Lake City, Utah neighborhood (the thousands of guests had to walk through a guy's driveway and backyard to get into the field) with the full cast of The Sandlot (minus Mike Vitar a.k.a Benny “The Jet” Rodriguez, who was helping battle the California wildfires). Thousands of fans turned up for the cast reunion at the original filming location of the Sandlot that included a meet-and-greet, RSVLTS promos, an interactive panel discussion/Q&A session with the cast and a screening of the film. 

The best part was that the Q&A session dominated by the children in the audience. Seeing a movie from a quarter century ago so clearly have an impact on kids today shows how truly special The Sandlot has become. Maybe it’s the fact that it takes place in the 1960s giving it that timeless & nostalgic feel? Maybe it’s the endless quotes that still get thrown around today? Whatever it is, it’s been a privilege working with and representing The Sandlot brand over the past year as we celebrate 20 epic years since its release.

The Salt Lake City event was a perfect example of why I think it’s a no-brainer for RSVLTS, a company that has formed it's foundation in e-commerce, to take our efforts offline from time to time with this type of experiential event. We learned so much about our audience, talked to hundreds of people and got some great social content (like these awesome photos).

Over the next year, look out for more great events like this that RSVLTS will be involved in. This Salt Lake City adventure was nothing short of amazing, so stay tuned for what we have in store for the future.