Field Notes

We Landed On The Moon!

Internally at RSVLTS HQ, every new launch has varying degrees of love for a film or franchise amongst the team. However there’s always a few releases for each of us where someone absolutely raves on and on about a certain movie. 

For me personally, Dumb & Dumber is one of those gems I’ve been impatiently waiting to debut for years. Maybe it's a throwback to the glory days of youth, driving around in rural Ohio in my Chevy S-10 blasting the killer 90’s soundtrack. Perhaps it’s the fact that when I stumble across the film on a streaming platform, I have to watch and can quote approximately 87% of the movie (or, at the very least, butcher a good portion of that percentage). 

Perhaps it’s the antics that ensue from literally the opening to closing scenes (shoutout Hawaiian Tropic team) or even better the timeless notion of a road trip where some of the wilder antics could be made possible. Maybe it’s the cameos the Farrelly Brothers are masterfully adept at implementing across all their films, to which we continue to drop those one-liners whenever a moment presents itself (aside from Brett Favvv-rah, is there a line more perfect than “kick his ass, Sea Bass!”?!). 

Let’s be honest, it’s absolutely all the above. 

There’s truly something for everyone in Dumb & Dumber, and even those just now entering into the franchise can find ways to be enamored with the mix of the sly and subtle, but mostly in-your-face inane humor. There’s a brilliance in that hilarity that makes you smile even if you also want to cringe. It’s a beautiful paradox.  

More interestingly enough, word around the HQ halls is that a lonnnng time ago, one of the very first shirts ever conceived for a RSVLTS launch was a shirt called "That's a lovely accent you have there. New Jersey?" featuring Lloyd Christmas. The design is now lost to time but it's really was the first ever t-shirt idea that we thought of and actually went through the process of designing. While that shirt specifically isn’t in this collection, stay tuned and y’all might just get lucky, because you know what they say about I.O.Us. 

So with that all said, it’s been a long time coming for these much deserved cheers. So here’s to you, Lloyd and Harry (ol’ buddy ol’ pal), Mary Swanson, JP & Joe, Petey & Billy (in 4C), Mr. State Trooper (and grandpa’s ol’ cough medicine), John Denver, the endangered snow owls, and most definitely you, Sea’ve landed on our moon and we couldn’t be happier you joined the party. 

Boilermakers on Sea Bass’ tab, over there.