Field Notes

What’s Up With What’s Going Down - RSVLTS Dropzone

A couple brief thoughts, updates and reflections ahead of today and future drops. Pack your chutes and buckle up. 

With a few months of Dropzone activities under the ol’ belt, we appreciate everyone that’s joined in the pursuit and all those that have taken a metaphorical leap with our squad. I think we all appreciate the rush and we’re just getting started.

So in that spirit, here’s two musings/observations:

  1. We’re going to keep you on your toes. Yes, there will be “whales and grails” as you see them now, but we’re also going to drop some other fire that a year from now you’ll be high-fiving each other at some resort and/or giving a silent up-nod to another Insider you see on the street that shares your sweet, rare heat. That's the fun of it all - what the heck are they gonna drop next?!? And if you wanna pass, no sweat fraaaannds.  
  2. Technology. There are limitations beyond our control. Not an excuse, just matter of fact, but we promise you our platform rep is on speed dial and we push them harder than any vendor to continue to optimize to make everyone’s experience better. 

We continue our pursuit to make the Drops as fun and as perfect as possible, and likewise to make as many people as happy as possible along the way, and that’s not going to stop. As always we very much appreciate your constructive feedback and overall patronage. 

Oh yeah...the weekend is here now too, so crack a cold one and get outside, you!