Field Notes

WWE Series VI | Lookbook Heat

Believe it or believe it, which I know many of you do already, WWE is one of our top - if not the most popular - licenses, and this might be our best series of the collection to date!

To gear up for the WWE x RSVLTS Series VI drop, we called up some heavy heat by way of Joe Mosac, aka Croc Daddy, to stop by our warehouse and be our Insiders model for the collection. As you will see, flying in from the top turnbuckle, he totally crushed it. Especially the Bret Hart imagery. More like Hart Daddy, amirite?!?!  

Adding one more layer to bind the lookbook together, we decided to give a preview of the designs to the biggest WWE fan I know, Insider Mr. Jarrod Anderson. The goal was to have Jarrod give the world a hot take on his initial impression of the collection, and write a 2-3 sentence overview of his thoughts.

But after I sent him the photos he fired back with a quick email saying "holy shit," and went on to say: "I view this as an esteemed honor and this was no easy task, you and the team are dropping straight fire for this WWE launch, and you are doing it as Booker-T would say, “five times, five times, five times, five times, five times.”"

I think Jarrod was impressed, to say the least, and went above and beyond the initial request of giving a quick take on the designs, saying "In order to do this any justice, I have to systematically breakdown each design, so please bear with me."

So with no further ado, check out the lookbook below alongside with Jarrod's expert breakdown of the WWE Series 6 collection. 

The Rock vs Stone Cold 

"You captured the toughest SOB to ever lace up a pair of boots and the world's most electrifying man perfectly all on one shirt, with a background design that pays homage to both men, and provides the perfect color pop. A great shirt that truly captures the greatest Wrestlemania rivalry of all time."



The Many Faces of Mick Foley

"Mrs. Foley's baby boy has had more iconic wrestling moments than any fan can count, and this shirt captures every character that Foley has entertained us with. From Mankind to Dude Love to the iconic Cactus Jack, all of which are featured on this one iconic shirt, which likewise is modeled after Foley's Iconic red and Black Flannel. This shirt is a must have for any wrestling fan from the last 3 decades. With that being said, my absolute favorite from this drop goes to the 3 faces of Foley, I mean what other shirt can I wear with jeans, shorts, sweatpants, or a Santa Hat and feel that I can fit in anywhere?" 


Mr. T "Pity The Fool"

"A pop culture phenomenon, this camouflage shirt with gold jewelry accents is a fitting tribute to a man that in 1985 teamed with the Immortal Hulk Hogan in the main event of Wrestlemania 1, and then promptly returned to Wrestlemania 2 to have a boxing match with Roddy Piper. All of which is featured on the shirt along with images of him sporting the iconic mohawk and gold chains. I pity the fool that does not pick this shirt up."

"Rowdy" Roddy Piper

"It was Ric Flair who said, "Roddy is the greatest entertainer in Wrestling History, bar none." Capturing the Hall of Famers Kilt as the main layout for the shirt is a perfect touch, along with the Iconic images of Piper, but the real treat here is when you look closer and see the hidden images that are faintly there, all that truly captures the persona of the Hot Rod. As Vince has said, 'you never know what the Hot Rod has under his kilt.'”

Bret Hart's Deep Thoughts

"The perfect follow up to the Macho Man’s Deep Thoughts release. It's Bret Hart, rocking cowboy boots over his pants, wearing his own shirt, under a denim jacket staring at what appears to be a Canadian Glacier. This shirt is going to be a sure fire for any fan of the excellence of execution."

Guest Editor's Note: "As for the sleeper hit, I am going to give that nod to Mr. T - for wrestling fans, Rocky Fans, A-Team fans, 80’s fanatics...this shirt has a wide reach."