Introducing: RSVLTS Drops!

Prep Your Parachutes

We’re closing in on the RSVLTS Dropzone!

Starting this Friday, 4/2, at 12 PM ET, the new RSVLTS Drops program is bringing you small-batch, rare items only on the app.

We’re talkin’ classic banger re-releases, limited and exclusive new items, maybe... maybe something really cool we don’t even know about yet (shoutout Frank the Tank).

Every Friday, the “Dropzone” on the RSVLTS app is the place to snag these “white whale” items in limited quantities and sizes. And when they’re gone, they’re gone.

This Friday is our beta launch, which means there may be a few kinks to work out and your feedback is greatly appreciated. One important note is to open the app RIGHT at 12 PM ET. For convenience, a push notification will send you directly to the Dropzone. If you have the app open before the drop, you’ll have to close the app and re-open once it’s live to clear the caching. Apologies, we’re working on it. 

Don’t have the RSVLTS app?

Well, one, what are you doing? Two, this is your chance to download, set your notifications, and make sure you never miss a white whale majestically swimming its way into your life. Get on it.

Welp, see ya later!