Field Notes

New Breakfast Balls 2024 Spring Collection - All Aces!

Breakfast Balls has officially teed-off some rockets this year, and coming off the heels of the Arizona Open Collection release a few weeks back, a strong PGA Golf Show booth appearance AND an incredible debut at the Waste Management Open last week, the brand is blasting into the stratosphere in 2024. 

Building on the momentum, perhaps one of the finest Breakfast Balls unlicensed collection launches, you’ll find five new designs within this new 2024 Spring Collection - “Slate of Play,” “Grandma’s Garden,” “Birdies of Paradise,” “Coral Leaf,” and “Midnight Bloom” each that will be available in Breakfast Balls signature All-Day Polo material: super soft and ready to rock both on and off the course, and with just the right amount of stretch. 

Also included within the release are six new incredible Breakfast Balls hat designs and styles to sport around town (“Bagel Sandy,” “Bacon Waves,” “Call on the Signature,” “The Monogram,” “Breakfast Balls BC” and “Tea Time City”). 

Additionally, as seen within the Arizona Open Collection, stay tuned for even more new apparel and accessories verticals to start rolling out through 2024 and beyond, including hats, q-zips, club covers, ball markers and more. We’re also in the lab looking at different styles and formats…ah-hem, ladies, 

Oh yeah, and did you happen to hear Breakfast Balls pulled off a little lighthearted stunt at The People's Open at WMO (8:20, spot the TMNT dudes) open last weekend? Well, if you haven’t been following along, here’s a quick little recap of events via Field Notes, we’re stoked for what else is going to unfold on the horizon. 

Spring Collection lookbook below and more hat photos (back and inside dome) included within the product pages - enjoy!