Field Notes

Breakfast Balls Totally Shell-Shocked The WM Phoenix Open & Beyond!

We came. We saw. Breakfast Balls absolutely, most bodaciously conquered the Waste Management Open scene this past weekend! #GoGreen

Did you by chance just happen to be watching “The People’s Open” golf tournament this past Saturday? Yeah, we thought so or, at the very least, you probably saw online somewhere that it was absolute insanity this year: the largest WMO crowd ever (300K+) that gates had to be closed due to capacity in the early afternoon and alcohol was suspended for hours mid-day, as well as tons of tournament play delays due to incredibly inclement weather all weekend, etc. 

However, none of the above could stop the entire Breakfast Balls squadron, including four fast-flying, totally tubular pizza dudes, from taking over the Scottsdale scene throughout the weekend. In total, the Breakfast Balls team plus five incredible golf creators - Rory, Caton, Blake, Matt and Patrick - and four area racers descended into Scottsdale to shoot epic branded content, and to play some friendly putt-putt and 18-hole golf challenges. 

Oh yeah, and we totally participated in the infamous “Running of the Bros” race to the 16th hole early on Saturday morning too, which proved to truly be a once-in-a-lifetime, bucket list experience. 

The fearsome team of turtle dudes - dressed to impress in their Breakfast Balls TMNT All-Day Polos - was none other than an extension of the Breakfast Balls team, some local track and cross country stars: Johnny, Asher, Parker & Dayton (s/o Tyler too). Together, they helped make our inaugural Breakfast Balls debut at the WMO tourney a big splash this year…in particular by dominating what we’ve now dubbed “The Running of the Turts,” which lead to the crew being seen all throughout the day across broadcast television and social media. 

The action started early on Saturday morning at 4:00am when the squad braved the elements in the 40 degree rainy desert cold to race as a pack to the legendary 16th hole and get a primo position in front of the green. Lined up with approx 1000+ other racers, once the rope dropped at 7:15am, the pizza-loving bros sprinted their way in record time, passing hundreds of other runners to end up being one of the first 25 people to enter the legendary 16th hole stadium, a.k.a. “The Coliseum.” 

Once situated in the front row of the GA bleachers, directly in front of the 16th green and right alongside some amazing Canadian Mountie bros (huge shoutout to these badass guys!), the turtle dudes were in perfect position for some primetime broadcast and social media screen time, and to watch the day’s play unfold at the most electric environments in golf…potentially in all of sports. 

High threes (errrr fives) were plentiful in the stands among a sea of bros and other characters, including countless “hey, turtle dudes!” shoutouts throughout the day. Thus the crew proved, as a pack, these dynamic dudes made a splash and shell-shocked the golf world during one of the biggest and most raucous golf tournaments of the year.

As if the day wasn’t already action-packed enough, later that evening the entire Breakfast Balls team did a takeover at a nearby driving range to host our first annual Breakfast Balls Invitational party with 100+ Insiders, Creators and other friends of the RSVLTS/Breakfast Balls brands.

Food and beverages were consumed, an endless stream of golf balls were blasted, and some exclusive Breakfast Balls “Arizona Open” quarter-zips and other goodies (shoutout to our friends at Dr. Squatch as well) were gifted to all in attendance well into the night. 

Huge thanks to all that came out to hang with the Breakfast Balls squad and that were involved in quite the eventful weekend, we very much appreciate the support. And see below for some photos from the events and some footage from the “Running of the Turts” as well!

4:00 AM stroll into the WMO...

PGATour Pre-Run Coverage (wait for 'em, alongside the gate)...


"Running of the Turts" (8:24-8:30 appearance) - NBC12 News Phoenix 

Turtle Dudes at WMO 16th Hole - Live on Golf Channel (video coming soon)

The Inaugural Breakfast Balls Invitational - Insiders & Creators Meetup 

The BB Crew at WMO