Field Notes

The Dropzone - Friday Drops Are Back!

The RSVLTS Dropzone is back in action! And, wouldn't ya know it, it's Americana season. 🇺🇸

For any new faces around here: Welcome to Dropzone, a Friday tradition unlike any other. You can find some light reading on our limited-quantity Friday Drops here and here, plus a little refresher below for all.

  • On designated Fridays at 12 PM ET, the Dropzone will open on the RSVLTS app onlyDrops tend to have an extremely limited quantity and can sell out fast, so start practicing your quick phone taps now.
  • What kind of apparel will appear in the Dropzone, you ask?
    • Brand new designs (sometimes themed, like Halloween or Americana!)
    • SUPER limited-edition products
    • Warehouse finds
    • (cough) Whales (cough) - not all the time, just enough to keep it interesting
    • New product types (think beyond the shirts)
  • Not every single Friday will have a Drop, especially if there's a Saturday vault launch. We'll post to RSVLTS social channels on Thursday nights letting you know whether or not you'll need to mentally and physically prepare yourself.
  • MAJOR REMINDER: You need to hard close and re-open your RSVLTS app if you are on it before 12 PM ET. Unless refreshed, the product will not appear and may sell out before you can get to it. We've been working on a fix for this with our platform teams, just one of those things, apologies.
  • Please let us know if you encounter any issues as we're always trying to tighten up this whole process. Thank you!

Buckle up friends, the Dropzone has returned.