Field Notes

The Legendary Americana Collection Continues - Rd. 2 Lookbook

As the heat starts to kick-up all around the country, and on the heels of the first and most legendary RSVLTS Americana collection drop a few weeks back, we’re excited to up the ante and bring you all a few more tasty choice cuts within the overall collection...all that will surely make you salivate even further as we dive headfirst into the summer. 

That’s right, for this round, we’re talkin’ dashing denim glory, "star" werewolves in action (from America, natch), a myriad of stars and stripes, presidents and eagles and planes! And bears!! OH MY!!! 

Speaking of such, please bear with us regarding any shipping woes - we promise we’re moving purchases in/out the door as fast as humanly possible. We’re not pointing fingers any which way either, and not saying you'll have any issues either, just simply stating shipping logistics have been a little wild on a few levels across the board, but we’re in contact daily with shipping services, doing the best we can to get you the goods as fast as possible. 

Also, a reminder the aforementioned USA/Dare Mighty Things Crest collection drop is imminent, with all proceeds of that capsule going to NWBA. We’re just under 100 days away from the Tokyo olympics and paralympics, so stay tuned for more incredible updates on this front. 

So without further ado, back to the Americana Rd. 2 collection - take a look!