Field Notes

Our Most Legendary Americana Drop To-Date

We couldn’t be more excited to drop this year’s coveted Americana collection. It is probably the number one cornerstone launch each year for RSVLTS, which also means the exciting new looks indicate that summer BBQ season is right around the corner.

While I didn't have time to bang-out a full lookbook to showcase these designs (we had to keep them top secret in the lab, so Ivan Drago and the USSR wouldn’t use their powers against us!), this collection does have a little something for everyone.

And we are talking full-blown Americana: icy cold treats, presidential pool parties, eagles, friggin’ wolves.

WHAT?!?! 🤯 

Yes, that’s right...and also note all the shirts are Kunuflex.

Oh, and a TL;DR reminder from yesterday’s introduction email / Field Notes post, since we saw some comments online following: the first wave of USA/NWBA designated products (with the Dare Mighty Things crest) will be dropping VERY SOON. Like, in the coming month or so, and then another capsule of items likely closer to the Games itself, so stay tuned for more information on those collections to follow, background on the organization and athlete stories, etc.!

And also as mentioned yesterday, proceeds from today’s overall Americana collection sales will also benefit the NWBA too, so you can still feel good knowing all the things U-S-A will be going to a good cause. ENJOY!