Field Notes

A Fast, Furious, Outrageous Collection - Lookbook

Not all licenses are created equal. Some are a breeze and offer full character likeness. Others won’t let you use any likeness at all, not even cars. That can be a true bummer. It can also be the greatest gift of all. We chose to hit the NOS and go for the latter.

Sure, we could have let the limitations for our new Fast & Furious line fry our piston rings, but we didn’t. We fired up the BBQ, threw down a bucket of Coronas, and decided to turn humans into 10-second cars. Let’s take a look under the hood.

For this collection, we took a deep dive into the Fast & Furious film franchise and even challenged the studio to work with us to get the rights to certain visuals. That led to some supercharged masterpieces designed to look like Dom’s Charger and Brian’s Supra and Eclipse. For good measure, we also added a universal logo pattern for all your enlightened cats who need something to wear to the theatre.

For all reasons mentioned above, this is EXACTLY why we pushed forward. These are undoubtedly, creatively, unequivocally very Fast & Furious shirts. If you live your life a quarter mile at a time, and you don’t have one of these shirts, go eat a tuna sandwich and granny shift with the rest of the bustas.

At HQ, we’ve all been tapping our toes, waiting for the day to wear these out in the wild. So if and when we also pass you on the streets in one of these beasts, we look forward to a wonderful slap-bop hand shake.