Field Notes

BRKFST x Happy Gilmore Collection

This tremendous looking Happy Gilmore x BRKFST All-Day Polo Collection will immediately have you doing the bull dance as each polo is dedicated to inarguably the greatest golf film and amazing golf-ball-whacker-guy that’s ever stepped onto the tee box. 

Featuring everything from legendary characters to film one-liners to abstract designs inspired by a movie-worn shirt, sporting these new soft, stretchy All-Day polos means you’ll no longer need to kick your own ass due to your style, because this collection ensures you’ll be driving hole-in-ones on Par 4s in no time. 

The overall All-Day polo collection features five unique, detailed designs - “Nail Comes Out Next Week”, “Shooter’s Tour”, “Just Tap It In”, “The Price is Wrong” and “All In The Hips” - the latter which also includes KUNUFLEX™ button-down option for purchase.   

For those that haven’t been following along at home on Breakfast Balls social media, featured in the creative and social assets are also three familiar faces - Rory Blaklroy, Caton Bittner and (ahh-hem, Olympic gold medalist curler) Matt Hamilton - whom aside from all being exceptional content creators and overall great guys in their own regards, were beyond hilarious on set to help bring to life such an incredible campaign. 

If you’re not following them already, check them out on Instagram (and TikTok) at the following handles: 




Additionally, for some collections we’ll be interchanging/abbreviating the Breakfast Balls name with BRKFST, so absolutely “same-same, but different” (as it’s often said) for certain usages. Likewise, as the brand continues to grow, Breakfast Balls will continue to look to include more apparel and other items/designs/collections that will be exclusive to that category, which is exactly what is happening with this inaugural Happy Gilmore collaboration. 

Alas, your tee time starts now…and pro tip: definitely don’t fall for the old ninth green at nine o’clock trick. Trust us on this one, the secret’s already out.