Field Notes

How Our Disney100 Celebration Came To Be, What's Next Throughout The Year

Locking in an official partnership with Disney was a crowning achievement for the RSVLTS brand. Everyone at HQ, and obviously the extended RSVLTS universe, are such massive fans of its movies, so getting to work on such iconic properties like Lion King, Star Wars, Spider-man, and many others has been a dream come true. 

As if that alone wasn't already incredible, about a year ago, our contacts at Disney approached us about their Disney100 plans and asked us to get involved in this ambitious celebration they were planning for 100 Years of Wonder

Wait, let me get this right...Disney...excited to work with a company that was started by two college friends in a living room in downtown Jersey City?! Talk about legitimizing our dream! We obviously jumped at the opportunity by simply responding: how can we help create even more magic with you all. 

So what is the Disney100 x RSVLTS celebration going to look like? Let's take a look at what's ahead...

Let me preface by saying, it'll be unlike anything RSVLTS have ever done. A 100 year anniversary collection on this level needs to be extra special, and Disney helped make it happen! 

So first off, they opened up the Disney archives for us and allowed us to work with IP that had never been available before. They gave us access to iconic art from the early days, the ability to work with characters in ways that typically wouldn't be allowed (mashups and cross-overs galore), helped us understand early-on what their vision was for the overall 100 Years of Wonder campaign, and detailed how we could ride the wave. It was a truly collaborative effort unlike anything we have done before. 

Secondly, what will make this collection extra special, is our attention to detail that we felt Walt Disney absolutely deserves.

The Disney100 x RSVLTS (D100) collection will be rolling out over the course of the year and will include very limited-edition items, available to purchase throughout the official Disney100 Celebration window, while supplies last.. These drops will be available on the site/RSVLTS App but also at various events across the country (and the world) throughout 2023. There will be custom branding, packaging, patches/hangtags/neck labels, and other easter eggs. You can expect unique takes on characters and properties that frankly, we'll probably never be able to do again in any lifetime. 

We're kicking things off tomorrow, February 14, and will have more collections dropping throughout the year so stay tuned. 

Also, in case you missed it last night during the big game, check out the Disney100 Super Bowl commercial! Many people are saying it was the winner of the night and watching it at our RSVLTS HQ Super Bowl party really drove home how special this year is going to be for us. 

Cheers to 100 amazing years, Disney, let all the dreams and magic continue for a hundred more!