Field Notes

Hey, Friends - Paging Mr. Morrow x RSVLTS Collection Debut

This inaugural PMM x RSVLTS Collection truly has been in the works for years at this point, but also it honestly feels like yesterday when we first popped down to Orlando back in early 2022 for a brief hangout session and to walk the parks for a day...dreamin' and brainstormin' about what the future could hold. 

So we couldn’t be more stoked about this initial two-shirt KUNUFLEX button-down release, plus one PMM strapback hat, all that feature a ton of Nate’s favorite things, including a bunch of locations, beverages, bites and other easter eggs…and of course his amazing dalmatian pup, Gracey! 

A bit of historical background and some fun anecdotal items about Nate:

- Today’s initial release has a bit extra significance in that it coincides with PMM’s birthday - HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Nate!

- Nate first started wearing RSVLTS in Dec 2020 - “Soul Cat” was Nate’s first shirt as later shown below in February 2021:

- Our first collab photoshoot and appearance was for RSVLTS Marvel Week 2022, with “The Meme” shirt and others, and we had quite the laugh sneaking around the various parks and certain attractions wearing full RSVLTS tuxedos to grab the perfect photos (because we knew Insiders were everywhere), but it was worth the risk to grab the content (as seen below):

- Nate first joined RSVLTS for a few Cons/Expos in 2022, and nearly every Con/Expo throughout 2023, often capturing some fun and interesting local/regional content surrounding the host city for his YT vids

- Nate is a true Disney and amusement parks historian, in addition to a pop culture megafan…as if we need to add his PMM YouTube channel here, because like you definitely haven't binged hours already, but we’re going to link to it anyhow since it's always amazing!

- Always down for an adventure, that Nate PMM, which i'm sure you've followed along throughout 2023...and 2024 has quite a lineup of Events & Experiences planned, and holy moly do we have some other tricks up our sleeves in the works  

- Truly, Nate is perhaps one of the most genuine, nicest guys we know, and we couldn't be more grateful and appreciative of his friendship and to call him one heckuva best bud 🙏🙏🙏 

And here we are 3+ years later…would ya look at us?!

Cheers to Nate for being such an amazing inspiration and collaborator over the years, and double-cheers to many more adventures together as well!  

Check out the PMM x RSVLTS Collection sizzle below and an incredible message from Nate himself surrounding the collection launch!