Field Notes

Lennon's Warriors: Charity Shirt Dropping This Friday (Pre-Sale Details)

We have someone truly extraordinary in our RSVLTS Insiders group—a genuine warrior.

Meet Lennon, a remarkable 5-year-old warrior who faces the challenges of a rare genetic condition called Systemic Mastocytosis (SM). But let me tell you, that doesn't slow her down for a second. She's always on the move, and it's an absolute privilege to witness her embracing life, often taking RSVLTS along on her incredible journey.

Back in April, we had the honor of meeting Lennon, and it sparked a profound thought within us: What if we rallied the entire RSVLTS community to offer unwavering support to Lennon and her mom on their challenging medical journey? Could we come together and create something special that not only lightens their load but also grants them more opportunities to enjoy beach days, magical trips to Disneyland, and everything that brings them joy?


Lennon has a penchant for playing dress-up, and one of her most iconic costumes was inspired by one of our favorite films of all time, A League of Their Own. We knew instantly that this would be the perfect theme to design around—a tribute to Lennon's indomitable spirit.


Here are all the details: On Friday, July 7th, we are launching a special "Lennon's Warriors" collection featuring men's, women's, youth, and even preschooler KUNUFLEX shirts, along with a bucket hat—because Lennon absolutely adores her bucket hats.

More specifically, the pre-sale for “Lennon’s Warriors” gear will start at 12:00 Noon ET on Friday 7/7 and go until 10:00am ET on Monday 7/10. The full collection, featuring men's, women's, youth and preschooler KUNUFLEX shirts, along with a bucket hat, will be available to order at both and via RSVLTS mobile app.

The best part? All proceeds from the sales will go directly to Lennon and her mom, supporting them in their medical journey and granting them the freedom to create countless cherished memories.

Click above image to shop the full "Lennon's Warriors" collection and/or here

So mark your calendars, spread the word, and let's show Lennon and her mom some serious love. Together, we can help them with medical expenses and give them the freedom to enjoy more sunny beach days and unforgettable adventures.

This is what our RSVLTS Insiders community is all about—coming together to make a real difference. Join us, be an integral part of the Lennon's Warriors movement, and let's show the world the incredible power of unity and compassion. Let's be warriors alongside Lennon and her mom on this extraordinary journey.

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