Field Notes

RSVLTS 2021 Black Friday/Cyber Monday Sales Launch, Details & Calendar

Alas it has arrived: RSVLTS Black Friday/Cyber Monday (BFCM) programming is officially off to the races!

Speaking of speed, since you gotta be fast during this monumental occasion, let’s just get down to the nitty gritty:  

  • RSVLTS BFCM activities officially take place from 11/12-11/29
  • The following page is the BFCM Hub in which all information, deals, etc., will be detailed:
  • The Hub includes a BFCM events calendar (graphic below) to keep you on track of daily activities and other highlights, which we’ll also share updates via RSVLTS social media, email distributions, etc. 
  • If you haven’t already signed up for BFCM VIP Access, do it now so you can get early updates and reminders before items go live (though, just for reading this post, you’re already a VIP in our book)
  • As indicated on the calendar, we have some incredible seasonal launches planned for a few of the typical launch days (Tues/Thurs/Fri), which will drop in the same manner as per usual (4:00pm EST Tues/Thurs; Noon EST on Fridays for Dropzone, which is still on the app)
  • In addition to typical launch days, and even in place of some as indicated, you’ll see on the calendar we’ve designated collection-based “Flash Sales” peppered throughout...each that will be offering their own special set of discounts for that specific property/collection
  • Those Flash Sales will only last from 10:00am-10:00pm EST for each designated date/collection, so keep checking the hub for more info
  • Per above, since certain items/collections will be discounted differently throughout the entire BFCM window, it’s totally at your discretion when to purchase. However we cannot guarantee all sizes/styles will still be available during respective Flash Sale days - example: Bud inventory on 11/12 launch day vs Bud inventory on 11/24 Flash Sale day
  • NOT discounted are any items/collections that dropped within the past few months or will drop during the BFCM timeframe, including holiday items
  • The checkout cart-based upgrades/free gifts are available on the website only - it's not a functionality available on the app at this moment - and those will be refreshed from time to time
  • Oh yeah, free wrapping paper will automatically be included and shipped with each order (same as last year, one bundle of three styles of paper, while supplies last)!
  • Wait...what are those question marks on the calendar?! We don’t want to show all our cards yet, so stay tuned. We’ll provide more details for those days closer to the actual Black Friday weekend
  • IF shifts need to occur for reasons* beyond our control, we’ll most definitely share those updates ASAP if anything develops

*Gonna say it again, but potentially due to some forces beyond our control, activities could be subject to change throughout the BFCM window and/or the holidays. This goes for shipping as well, all which is also detailed in the same Field Notes post on the subject matter. 

Seasons greetings, y’all - have fun and Happy BFCM’ing!