Field Notes

RSVLTS Deployment Box #1: Anti-Tank 3 in Kandahar, Afghanistan

For our inaugural RSVLTS Deployment Box we are asking the community to team up and send 21 shirts to an entire Platoon based in Kandahar, Afghanistan.

A few months ago we received the following email: 

"To whom it may concern. My name is n...... r......., I've bought your shirts before and they're baller! I'm deployed right now too kandahar Afghanistan I'm and 11b and a 50cal gunner on the top of the maxxpro! I'm asking you today if you would be able to possibly send me a care package or something? I would love to rep your clothing and stickers are awesome! Thank you for your time!"

We recently followed up asking if we could send shirts to his entire unit and received this reply: 

"Stephen, my man! A lot has happened since we last talked, we hit 2 IEDS... I'll attach pictures. But, when you say send a care package to my unit, do you mean my company or my platoon? My company has roughly 70 personel. My platoon has 21 people. Or my battalion which has 600+. Please let me know how I can help!"

First of all, the photos he shared are nuts!

I am not exactly sure if the photos are ok to shared so not going to do it (except for one in which I blurred the faces) but they show the front end of a very large transport vehicle, probably a Humvee, blown to shreds. It's astonishing how brave these people are and I think the least we can do is team up to get the entire Platoon of 21 people some gear to wear on their downtime... if that is even a thing in Kandahar Afghanistan.

So today we're asking you to team up and buy a shirt. Hopefully everyone is generous and we'll be able to fill the deployment box with a random assortment of our latest and greatest shirts. 

Get involved:


Update 11/17/2019: The response from our first RSVLTS Deployment Box, going to a Platoon of 21 people based in Kandahar, Afghanistan, was amazing. The box was filled in less than 15 minutes by incredible members of the RSVLTS community. We are going to match all shirts with a hat as well.  We are packing these items up and they're be sent out immediately. 


If you or a loved one is stationed overseas and may like a RSVLTS Deployment Box in the future fill out the information below so we can get in touch.