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RSVLTS Newest BorlandFlex™ Collection Launch & Pre-Sale - Lookbook

Please note: due to some global supply chain delays*, today’s BorlandFlex™ collection drop is a pre-sale with a shipping date estimated between 12/01-12/15.

Nonetheless, the shirts will definitely arrive for the colder months ahead, and we couldn’t be more thrilled to introduce the four new patterns and colorways for this year’s BorlandFlex flannel collection: “Elijah Woodsman,” “Flaniel Day Lewis,” “Plaidley Cooper” and “Hugh Lumberjackman.”

This newest collection features all the same accoutrements as the current Olive and Navy BorlandFlex™ offerings (2-way stretch for extra comfort and flex, canvas under the collar, shrink and wrinkle resistant, etc.), with all four new options available in both regular and slim fit varieties. 

For those seeking more details between the BorlandFlex flannels and other variations from the past, here’s 11 Gifs That Perfectly Explain The Majesty That Is BorlandFlex for your review

Flannel sizing guide available here for reference and lookbook below! 

*More information regarding global supply chain issues, including BorlandFlex pre-sale, RSVLTS launch calendar status, and holiday shopping in general can be found in this previous Field Notes post on the subject. 

"Elijah Woodsman" 

"Flaniel Day Lewis" 

"Hugh Lumberjackman"

 "Plaidley Cooper"