Field Notes

RSVLTS x Batman Collection - Lookbook

It goes without saying, yet at the same time it is absolutely necessary to exclaim - HOLY SMOKES with this collection, Batman! 

We’ve been fiending for months at RSVLTS HQ in anticipation of this launch, almost too many incredible moments and eras and characters and gadgets to bring to life. And don’t worry if you don’t see your favorite goodie or baddie represented...there’s plenty, PLENTY more in the tank. 

::cue thy devilish grin::

For this debut series, we chose to cast a bat-light across a few pinnacle time periods and marquee characters.

The Kunuflex collection starts with a tribute to the original classics ("Pow! Boom! Zing!"), undoubtedly showcase the iconic core series hero and villain (“Age of the Bat” and “Clown Prince”), and lastly provide an initial nod to the mesmerizing film and antagonist within The Dark Knight (“Calling Card”), someone who needs no further introduction. 

Lookbook below!