Field Notes

RSVLTS x Ghostbusters Series II Collection - Lookbook

The gang’s back in town: Venkman, Dana, Spengler, Winston, Ray, Mooglie, Stay Puft, Slimer and more, as well as plenty of easter eggs hidden throughout to keep you on the hunt for much longer than a New York minute.

The distinct designs and artwork on each of the two-shirt Kunuflex collection heats up quickly, starting with “Zuul’s Ghouls” and its unique depictions and illustrations on the eponymously named shirt. 

Completing the collection is the very special “Decoder” Kunu, which features a pattern-within-a-pattern of all your favorites characters, gadgets and more, some that can only be seen with the 3D decoder device that comes with the shirt (or by way of your own designer 3D lenses at home, natch). 

Get your ghost traps ready and catch ‘em if you can - these beasts are fast, slick and wily!