Field Notes

RSVLTS x Sandlot “Legends Never Die” Reversible Jacket - Lookbook

Holy smokes! This drop kinda, sorta needs no explanation or backgrounder whatsoever...this beast barks volumes for itself. 

Afterall, it’s "The Sandlot" y’all, and this comfy, stylish, reversible bomber jacket features script lettering of the iconic "Legends Never Die" line printed on the back, includes a poster-esque inspired graphic crest on the chest. The reverse side showcases various movie scenes in an all-over print montage...captured perfectly in all its glory and ready to wear for eternity.

Or until the actual Beast gets ahold of it, whichever happens first. 

This jacket is truly a superfan’s dream, so snag it now before it’s outta here. Sizing chart also listed below for quick reference - enjoy this majestic beauty of a bomber!