Field Notes

RSVLTS x Star Wars Tatooine Collection - Preview

In addition to the various exclusive Star Wars shirts available during San Diego Comic Con, we’re thrilled to keep the (force) spirit of all things Star Wars alive today by dropping what we're dubbing the RSVLTS x Star Wars Tatooine Collection, which all will also be available while supplies last at the RSVLTS SDCC booth in the Lucasfilm Pavilion (2913-L)

The five shirt KUNUFLEX™ collection - “The Crawl,” “The Cantina,” “A Droid Story,” “Rising Suns” and “Greetings from Far, Far Away” - each features a little something, someone or some place that has occured around, about or has even remotely touched one of the most pivotal planets in all the galaxy: the desert world of Tatooine. 

To get a preview of the shirts before they drop, as well as some additional context provided by a couple of our amazing editorial friends at &, please click the below hyperlinks to get the full articles and glimpse at the shirts.  

Now pardon us…we’re off to Tosche Station to pick up some power converters.