Field Notes

RSVLTS x “The Big Lebowski” Series I Collection - Lookbook

Okay, okay, okay…while I’ve stated that “Star Wars” is my all-time favorite franchise, “Empire” being my favorite within, and all that still stands, however without a doubt “The Big Lebowski” is this author's most favorite singular movie of all-time, outside of the Lucasfilm universe. 

And of course Star Wars/Boba Fett (my favorite character of all-time) had to launch last week too. So you know…tons of all-time activities happening in the same timeframe, just toooo much pop culture heat. 

Back to “Lebowski” however, based on my estimations I've legitimately watched the movie no less than 200 times. I can quote the movie back to front, inside to out…pick a scene and I’ll imitate any/all characters and deliver their lines from within. One time, back in my Chicago days, two of my best buddies and I thought it would be a great idea - on a Sunday night - to host a “double-feature” and watch the show back-to-back in one evening, crushing White Russians over the entirety of both views. 😨

It was ludicrous, one can imagine what happened next*.

So with all this fan-fare in mind, when it came to RSVLTS creation of this first collection of four Kunuflex button-downs - “El Duderino” (Short-Sleeve & reg/slim Long-Sleeve), “Living The Dream,” “There’s A Beverage Here” and “Gutterballs” - it was really tough to whittle down so many ideas into a first series, which luckily leaves room for perhaps more down the road, most definitely some t-shirts for sure, which will include Walter’s image. 

That said, there’s something for all Lebowski fans in this first RSVLTS collection, and we’re not talking about just the Dude either. Multiple depictions of bowling, briefcases, Donnie, marmots, Maude, bowling balls, Jesus, signature beverages, dream sequences…and, yes, bowling and other movie easter eggs adorn these beautiful shirts. 

And while it was quite the endeavor to reimagine The Dude’s infamous sweater in the making of the “El Duderino” button-down, regardless we took massive strides with close attention to detail throughout, so we look forward to seeing y’all in a nearby lane sometime soon. Hopefully one day at the next Lebowski Fest too, once it's back up and running. The first beverage is on us. 

Awh, look at me…I’m rambling again. Well I hope you folks enjoy yourselves. Catch y’all later down the trail. Lookbook below!

*we did NOT fix the cable.