Field Notes

Star Wars x BRKFST Collection - These Are The Polos You Are Looking For…

This is NOT a Jedi mind trick. It's definitely not a trick whatsoever, however, like a finely crafted set of fresh Jedi robes, this is simply the greatest collection of intergalactic golf/leisure polo gear this side of the Outer Rim Territories. 

Launched a few weeks back in tandem with the full, legendary RSVLTS May The 4th campaign, the Star Wars x BRKFST Collection brings over some of the most highly sought after RSVLTS x Star Wars KUNUFLEX™ designs into the Breakfast Balls All-day Polo format. 

Select designs, from “Grand Maz Couch” to “Shades of Vader” to “12 Parsecs” to “A Cut Above The Ordinary” are now available as an All-Day Polo, and are all sharper (hotter?!) than any other sartorial lightsaber in your closet arsenal. Except for perhaps your matching Kunu of each, of course, but those are reserved for completely different occasions. 

Oh, and BTW…these Star Wars and other licensed polos (Marvel, ah-hem, brand new Mighty Thor polo; Jurassic Park, Happy Gilmore, and many more) are just a small glimpse of all the options included within the overall Breakfast Balls catalog.

Take a look - there’s something for everyone and for any occasion (beyond just golf course activities as well), regardless of your fun-loving fandom allegiance or country club fash-un rules & regs. 

Just ask the St. Andre Golf gang and the crew as seen below - Rory, Caton and Matt - they’ll concur there's gear for any/all scenarios and characters you might run into in this world!