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Field Notes

Field Notes

Summertime Series 2 - Lookbook

Our new Summertime Series 2 collection has been a long time coming! We went down to Asbury Park on a beautiful sunny day to shoot some photos, and separately we also had our all-star Insider, Michaela G, shoot some photos around and about town too. 

You first saw these designs as masks a few months back...and due to popular demand and buzz, now the designs are available via KUNUFLEX shirts - and also some swimwear - ready in time for everyone to steal the sunshine this summer. 

Take a look at all below - and don't forget to tag us in your photos on social so we can repost throughout the summer!

Also, coming VERY soon and related to this drop, will be a line of bow ties that feature a few of the patterns, thus taking the patented RSVLTS tuxedo to a near-literal next level.

Stay tuned!

2 thoughts onSummertime Series 2 - Lookbook

  1. avatar George P says:

    These are all dope!! Looking great Michaela!!

  2. avatar Mat says:

    This entire line is absolute 🔥

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