Field Notes

Check. Check. DTH Goonies Trivia... With Audio!!

The RSVLTS live Goonies drop was one of the most ambitious things our company has done in a while, and the response from you all was overwhelmingly positive. However, that's for everyone who turned in and got to see it all go down in real-time, which means anything can happen and is part of the fun of programming in this manner. 

As such, a special shout out must go to Dustin Thomas Hardy. When doing a live stream event we learned that it's always best to lead into the show with a countdown clock, which allows people to queue up and be there right when the mark hits zero. Instead of a boring old countdown clock, we thought it would be cool to make the experience interactive. Naturally the conversation gravitated toward how awesome DTH Snapshot Trivia has been for everyone involved, and that it would be amazing if we could somehow have him do a 5 minute speed round during the lead up to the show. 

Only problem...we had this idea about 36 hours before the live event was to kick off. 

Always the badass he is, DTH was totally on board with the plan, and he turned around an entire Goonies trivia set in a matter of hours for us to use. We chopped it all up, did a test run the night before and when it came to game day, obviously something had to go wrong - for whatever reason, and not for a lack of intense troubleshooting, we could not get the audio on the trivia to sync. I've never seen five people in a room scramble so much and the added pressure of a countdown clock to our hard "go live" time added to the chaos. It was exhilarating. 

The problem was with pushing the external audio out across multiple channels and then switching the audio to the live feed without having to cut away and losing all the people who were already in the stream. Unfortunately DTH's sweet, oh so sweet audio bliss was the thing that paid the price.

But fear not! Anthony still had the video on his laptop and we can share it now with all of you! So, without further ado, we present thee with DTH RSVLTS Live! Trivia: The Goonies. The Live event went off so well and I fully anticipate us doing it again in the future with DTH right there with us again...maybe even some more tricks up our sleeve.

Again, thanks for participating with us and enjoy DTH trivia!