Field Notes

Cooking In RSVLTS Update (Hopefully I Don't Jinx Us)

I hate to jinx myself here but we have some good news related to the Cooking In RSVLTS shirts.

For the first time since pre-pandemic times it seems that a presale will start shipping to customers on time, perhaps maybe even a few days earlier than we were projecting!

I know this doesn't seem like a big deal but it is to me. Lemme explain...

The last few times we've done a presale, looking at you masks, the logistics side of things turned into an absolute shit show, which led to a bad experience for our customers. 

My biggest goal for this company is to always learn and try to improve on everything. From these challenging presale experiences we were able to adjust and it's looking like the Cooking In RSVLTS presale experiment will be on time!

Keep an eye out for the shipping confirmations and I look forward to seeing all the amazing feedback.