Field Notes

First Look! RSVLTS x Star Wars SDCC Lucasfilm Pavilion Booth

As you may have heard, RSVLTS will be showing up big time within the Lucasfilm Pavilion at San Diego Comic-Con this year. Booth 2913-L if you're going to be walking the halls, so mark it down on your must see list. 

We've been working on a collaboration with an awesome booth design company to really bring the whole Star Wars x RSVLTS experience to life, and alas we want share the renderings with everyone to get a little glimpse of the experience!

As you'll see, the theme of this year's Lucasfilm Pavilion is "Death Star," which helped to influence the booth design. Our overall footprint is somewhat tight, only 10x10, however we're making the most of space and we'll be rotating our Star Wars inventory for sale each day (including the daily exclusives).

We won't see the actual booth until Wednesday of next week, so it'll be a big reveal to us too. We can't wait to see how it turns out and we'll definitely continue to send more footage throughout the event.