Field Notes

Found! RSVLTS x Mumford & Sons Shirt from 2012

Talk about a blast from the past! We got sent a photo of a shirt that hasn't been seen (in-person) in almost a decade. Here’s the backstory:

In June of 2012, an upcoming band was playing a concert on the pier in Hoboken—a kickoff for their North American tour. We pitched their label on a pre-concert fan Meetup and, for some reason, they OK’d the idea, trusting a month-old company named RSVLTS to run this event.

This led to what would become our first-ever run of tees: The Mumford & Sons x Hoboken concert tee! 

The show ended up being somewhat of a breakout moment for the band, playing the songs off their new album to a rowdy east coast crowd, set to the backdrop of the NYC skyline. Three months later, Babel would debut at number one and go on to win Album of the Year at the 2013 Grammy Awards. 

We don’t want to take credit for all of that, but we will. All of their success is because of that RSVLTS tee giveaway.

Shout out to our awesome Insider Tom for the picture and the trip down memory lane.

↑ The photo that Tom sent us ↑