Field Notes

Introducing Our Women's KUNUFLEX Pre-Sale Details

We recently posed a question on RSVLTS Insiders: "Which previous styles would you like to see released in our women's cut?" Hundreds of suggestions poured in, ranging from iconic whales like "Grandma's Couch" to modern classics like "Tourist Style" from Disney's Lilo & Stitch.  We did a deep dive into your requests and created a survey around them. Based on the results of that survey, we're going to be introducing a new pre-sale system that will give you the opportunity to secure these coveted items in our camp collar women's cut style.

Here is how it'll work:

We will open up the pre-sale on Friday afternoons at 4 PM ET (no set schedule yet but coming soon!) and keep the sale open all weekend.

On Monday night, we will close the sale and produce the items as quickly as we possibly can to ship to everyone who ordered.

It's not a perfect system, but we're excited to give everyone the chance to head back into the RSVLTS archive and secure the styles they’ve been longing for.