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Lifetime Apparel Contract Offered to The Kyles: Schwarber & Higashioka


Pop Culture and Apparel Brand, RSVLTS, Offers Lifetime Gear Contract to Baseball Players Kyle Schwarber and Kyle Higashioka

“The Kyles” offered licensed gear and more in exchange for their commitment to pushing the boundaries of sartorial excellence 

HOBOKEN, New Jersey - March 23, 2023 - Effective immediately, RSVLTS, makers of incredibly soft, stretchy and radical licensed and unlicensed apparel, is officially offering a lifetime contract of RSVLTS x Big League Chew* items and any other gear under the RSVLTS umbrella to baseball outfielder, Kyle Schwarber, and catcher, Kyle Higashioka - aka, The Kyles. 

The offer comes on the heels of a few jabs that were made toward the RSVLTS brand within a video by the social media sensation creator team - The Bat Boys - while they were interviewing players during the World Baseball Classic (video clip here), asking what they felt was the “worst fashion trend.” In the opening interview, Schwarber - a player of many talents and fashionable expressions - takes a tongue-in-cheek swing at the apparel brand due to the interviewer wearing its line of matching shirt/shorts Big League Chew gear, followed in a similar fashion by Higashioka in the last frame. 

“Hey Kyles, we get it…rocking a sweet matching Big League Chew tuxedo might be a little bold for some, but actually we think you both got what it takes to give it a shot,” says RSVLTS co-founder, Stephen Gebhardt. “Actions speak louder than words, so if/when you’re ready, we’re also ready to commit to making sure you’ve got gear on deck for any special occasion away from the diamond.”

To sweeten the deal, if either player accepts the contract and publicly wears the RSVLTS “tuxedo” (matching button-down shirt and shorts) as part of their acceptance speech/signing day deal, the brand will also make a contribution to either/both player’s charity of choice.  

The offer is on the table, Kyles…you won’t. 

*All apparel as shown in the video and offered to the players is officially licensed.