Field Notes

Breakfast Balls Spring Collection and the “All-Day" Polo

The Breakfast Balls Spring line is here!

The collection features some of our all-time classic RSVLTS patterns (plus a brand new Star Wars™ Lightsaber design!) now as premium-as-hell golf shirts... so while your game might not improve overnight, it doesn't matter because, dammit, you're going to look and feel amazing.

This new line is more than just a handful of cool designs, it's also the introduction to our all-new, all-comfort, all-style golf shirt - the "All-Day" Polo! We tweaked our original styles from 2021, based on your feedback, and came back with a revamped fit that you'll want to wear from sun up to sun down.

Furthermore, we debuted the new All-Day Polo line at the official PGA Show in Orlando, which caused people walking by to say things like "hot damn," "this is unreal," "sign me up," and other cool trade show-type banter. If anyone didn't comment, it's because they likely fainted on the spot.

Oh, and the PGA kinda liked it too; they named it a "Top 3 Brand To Watch." So, we got that going for us.

(Flintstones x RSVLTS styles coming soon...stay tuned!)

So, what's this All-Day Polo all about? 

Our fourth polo iteration, the All-Day Polo, has a relaxed modern fit that hugs you in the right places without being super tight anywhere. It's a bit shorter, so you can wear it tucked, untucked, on the course, at the 19th hole, in the clubhouse, or in the parking lot smuggling beers into your bag like a savage. 

Basically, with the “All-Day” polo, you never have to go home or bring a change of clothes again. Ever. You're welcome.

To help clarify the difference between our polo styles, we renamed our original three. Here's an at-a-glance view of the arsenal: 

  • The "Big Hitter" Polo is now the "Basic" Polo
    • Our standard soft and stretchy polo. No bells and whistles, just good times.
  • The "Scratch" Polo is now the "Vented" Polo
    • Our most breathable polo, complete with jersey mesh side-paneling for extra ventilation
  • The "Ace" Polo is now the "Featherweight" Polo
    • A slimmer, modern cut using an ultra-light, aerated fabric with plenty of stretch
  • The "All-Day" Polo
    • Our new, top-of-the-line polo with a modern, but relaxed fit

More details and sizing guides can be found on the individual product pages.

Without further ado, see below for a collection video and lookbook for the new All-Day Polo line!