Field Notes

RSVLTS D23 Expo 2022: Everything You Need to Know!

This coming weekend (September 9-11, 2022) will be our first-ever D23 Expo, so we put together a quick FAQ for everyone we'll be seeing in Anaheim this week, as well as for those following along all the action at home. 

Where is the RSVLTS Booth?

RSVLTS will have a fantastic presence at the expo, showing up even bigger on the ground than ever before with a two-sided, 10ft x 20ft branded experience within the main hall - Booth #2370 to be precise.

We’re thrilled to show a few preview renderings of the booth…so if you're going to be walking the D23 Expo convention halls next weekend, definitely mark it down on your must see list! Note the final booth arrangements and elements will slightly differ IRL (such as a more textured blue wall graphics, different back-wall tiles, etc.), but nonetheless wanted to share an advance glimpse as we near the big event, and we'll definitely continue to send more photo/video footage throughout the weekend.

Will you have exclusive products at the booth?

Absolutely! Exclusive products that are available only to those in attendance has become an emerging RSVLTS Con/Expo/Fest tradition, and we're jumping on board. Each day of the show, we will have a D23 Expo exclusive available. You can see all of the daily exclusive designs here

How do I purchase the exclusives?

The RSVLTS booth is only open to D23 Expo badge-holding attendees. All exclusives are available on a first come, first served basis starting when the doors open at 9:00 AM PT. There will be a limit of one (1) exclusives per day, per person, for general attendees. We even upgraded Mike's "End of the Line" sign this go-around, so keep your eyes open for this electrifying signage.

Pricing is our standard Disney MSRP of $70 (plus one item of hybrid shorts to showcase a tux). Card only, discounts and promo codes cannot be applied to orders. The exclusive items will only ever be available at D23 Expo this year.

Who will be attending?

Steve, John, Mike, Katie, Carolyn, Christian, and Dustin from the RSVLTS crew will be there. Nate - aka Paging Mr. Morrow - from the RSVLTS Universe will also be at D23, so keep an eye out for him and be sure to follow RSVLTS all on social for updates!

D23 After Party with RSVLTS and Paging Mr. Morrow

RSVLTS and Paging Mr. Morrow are throwing a D23 after-party at one of the best watering haunts in Anaheim (nearby the Convention Center). On Friday, Sept 9, from 8:00pm - 12:00am, come chill with Paging Mr. Morrow and the RSVLTS crew at Lopez & Lefty’s, grab some food/drinks to celebrate our D23 debut…and of course we might have some other fun entertainment in mind for the evening.

Bonus: we will raffle off some of our RSVLTS D23 booth exclusives, so a lucky person (or two) in attendance at the soiree will have the chance to get them if you can't attend the Expo. Must be present to participate and receive the gear. Space is limited. Event is first-come, first-serve based on venue capacity. Must be 21+ and RSVP to enter. Lopez & Lefty’s (1759 S Claudina Way, Anaheim, CA 92805)

Recap Video

One of our favorite aspects of SDCC 2022 was the recap video that was shared shortly after the event. We want these videos to be a staple at future Cons and we'll be on-site producing another for D23. If you see our video guy Christian and you're either cosplaying or RSVLTS go up, say hello and make some magic!

What are we missing?

If you have any other questions, reach out to us on social media so we can update this blog. If you're attending the D23, make sure you stop by booth #2370 say hello!