Field Notes

RSVLTS Drops/Dropzone is Back to Sleigh the Season: Holiday Edition

Deck the halls, spike the eggnog and once again cue up the ol’ Mike Buble, it’s time to fully ‘tis the ol’ season…theeee Dropzone szn, of course!  

Coming off the heels of our thrilling spooky season Dropzone a few weeks back, we're now gonna be rocking you (and your tree) with three straight weeks of app-exclusive, small-batch, cheerful holiday Friday Drops, starting this Friday 11/18 at 12 PM ET.

A quick backgrounder for those unfamiliar with Dropzone: we release rare and limited quantity items exclusively on the RSVLTS app, select Fridays at 12 PM ET (NOON). These items could be re-releases of "whales" or new, limited-edition apparel. However, during certain seasons, we also do themed runs of these Drops (i.e. Spooky Season, EOY Holidays, etc.).

TL;DR? Here are the spark notes for quick reference, plus some tips:

  • RSVLTS Dropzone is back, starting this Friday 11/18, with 3 weeks of back-to-back-to-back Holiday Seasonal Drops!
  • Many times, Drops will have extremely limited quantities. Make sure you get there precisely at 12 PM ET and are quick on the draw
  • If you don't see the drop appear at 12 PM ET in your RSVLTS app, do a hard close/refresh of the app. #technology

Time to wear that holiday cheer on your backs all season long - see ya out there!