Field Notes

RSVLTS “Good Looks” Collection (Long Sleeve Kunus & Accessories) - Lookbook

Semi-brief backgrounder on this drop - we’ve been excited for this “Good Looks” Collection for a while, but then all sorts of other launches, initiatives and other calendar occasions kept popping up here and there.

Alas, now is the time for the Good Looks Collection to shine. 

Between then and now however, quite a few of us at HQ have had some epiphanies when giving the shirts some simple trial runs over the summer. 

I'd be remiss to mention that each lightbulb moment was formed individually over the course of a few weeks...two of us were at weddings, another at a bachelor party, another at an awards function, and one of us just giving it a good old fashioned spin at the HQ to test the durability and comfort throughout the commute & typical office day activities. 

And regardless of the circumstance, on that following Monday morning when the crew went thru the time-honored tradition of exchanging weekend war stories, we all had the same response: “...ohhh, and I wore one of the new LS Kunus and holy wow, it’s the greatest, most comfortable dress shirt i’ve ever worn.” 

Verbatim quote, by all of us, so you know we’re onto something. 

Accessories aside, all of the aforementioned places and functions speak to the true versatility of these “Good Looks” button-downs, available in white, blue, black and pink, and also feature no logo patch on the chest pocket for an overall cleaner look.

They’re also available in both regular and slim fit (size chart here), so if you have a more athletic build, then consider the slim version, or if more of a regular build, well then...stay the course. 

So in a nutshell: think the same soft, stretchy and stylish RSVLTS KUNUFLEX™ look and feel as always, but now just let these subdued Good Looks shirts do all the work so you can simply enjoy any moment without the typical stiff/starchy/scratchy button-up shirt situation as before. 

And heck, throw on one of the RSVLTS bowties, ties or pocket squares and watch yourself quickly become the “cat’s pajamas” a.k.a. the talk of the town a.k.a. whatever term you choose as the parlance of our times. 

Give ‘em a spin, let us know how they’re working. And even better yet, send us your Good Looks pics and tag us on socials - we’d love to show you all off in your new attire!